The USD Accelerator – Technical Guide, Release History (2_0_0_3)

The USD Accelerator is a pre-build Unified Service Desk configuration aimed at helping speed your USD project.

This post will highlight the enhancements and bug fixes released in version 2_0_0_3 of The USD Accelerator.

Several of the new features and bug fixes will have been created because of feedback received from people using The USD Accelerator. I’d like to express a big thank you…

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The USD Accelerator – Technical Guide, Release History (2_0_0_3)

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Author: Neil Parkhurst

I'm a UK based Microsoft Dynamics 365 functional consultant with 30+ years experience in IT. I'm available on an ad hoc basis to provide training and consultancy on any Dynamics 365 project. And of course I'd love to be involved in your Unified Service Desk project! To discuss these professional services please contact me at

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