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Small tip – huge advantage – and one I forgot about until AJ reminded me of it yesterday: the “system information” page in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Centeral. An – as far as I know – undocumented feature, but one worth mentioning!

When on Business Central, Microsoft will be deciding when a tenant will be upgraded to a certain version – and you…

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System Information in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – waldo’s blog

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To make a long story short .. My name is “Eric Wauters” .. which means that I have the same initials as “Eddy Wally” – known by lots of Belgians.. . The guy is cool .. and a bit “goofy” (and I mean that in the most respectful way ;-). So my friends in my basketballteam (when I was still 10kg lighter, and 25km/h faster, and 20 years younger) started to call me “Wally”. Later, when Family Matters was broadcasted in Belgium, “Wally” became quite quickly “waldo” .. probably because of the bad sense of humor I share with him ;-). Anyway, not sure anyone is interested in that .. I’m not going to bore you with my picture .. I’m just going to tell you what I’ve been doing for the past few years.. . About 11 years ago, must have been in 2002, I stumbled into Navision by coincidence. My former employer sold it, not really knowing what is was, and gave me the job to implement “Navision” at a customer. As I’m not a genius, wonder-kid, or any kind of super-NAV, the project failed gigantically.. . But the system did intrigue me in some way. So I decided to dive deeper into it, and tried to find some experienced people.

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