Part Seven – Script & Liquid – Adding Profile Photos Using Microsoft Flow, Liquid, CSS & Javascript – YouTube

One of the slightly annoying things about using a Microsoft Dynamics Portal with D365 CE is the portal users profile image – it just doesn’t exist. Instead, a mystery shadow person is displayed.

So, I worked through a process which will allow a portal user to upload their own profile image, which will then be displayed in the portal, and also added to their Contact record in D365 CE.

This video walks through using Javascript for a redirect, and Liquid to display the Contacts image in the portal.. Part Seven.

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Author: Megan V. Walker

I love learning, and helping others in the process. I often search for solutions and find an answer that is so technical I ‘think’ it might be the right answer, but it’s just over my head. Hopefully my way of explaining things can help people no matter their level of understanding.

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