Magic 8 Ball In PowerApps – Canvas Components & Device Accelerometer – YouTube

PowerApps Magic 8 Ball
Using: Accelerometer & Canvas Components

In this 14 minute video, I create a Magic 8 Ball that uses the device’s accelerometer to behave as a real Magic 8 Ball would. I’ve also used a preview capability, Canvas Components, to build the center of the 8 ball. I’ve tried to adhere to the recommended naming conventions (link below) throughout the build.

I was lucky enough to find an 8 ball graphic to use on this site: and from

Naming conventions:

Download this solution from Github:

The demo uses these message, but feel free to make your own!
Beware Delegation
Outlook 365 Good
Clear Your Collection
Your Trial Expired


Author: Phil Topness

I'm irrationally excited about applying technology to help people better do what they need to do. I lead Microsoft Dynamics and Power platform (PowerApps, Flow, etc.) for Accenture Federal Services. I get to share this through lots of presentations & demos, by building new software and by working with teams to help them use the platform to deliver high performance. I'm passionate about the plight of the users of the software produced by our projects (and yours) and helping those users get better functionality, sooner. I'm also passionate about ensuring that the teams making that software can do so with predictability and sustainability leading to better end products and work-life balance.

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