Jobs Section

Get that new job you’ve always wanted

As the community grows so do the opportunity of the Dynamics Consultants. We want to help people find their next step in their careers so are allowing companies to post Dynamics jobs on the site specifically aimed at the Dynamics Marketplace (We will only let people post jobs who we ourselves would use)

So how does it work?


There are 3 sections:


So Tell Me About The Jobs

You can filter jobs by Keywords, Location and Position Type





















When you open the relevant job it will present you with more details














If you have a “Resume” already uploaded you can apply with that information and a covering note or you can directly email your CV.






















Submitting your Resume

On the form we gather personal information as well as job history to entice people into recruiting you.

This information is securely stored and only accessible by you and any recruiter you have shared it with



























Updating or Deleting your Resume

From the “Resume Dashboard” you can create a new resume, update your current one or delete them all