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As one of the organisers of D365 Saturday Scotland it was amazing to see everyone at the event, the downside to this is that I missed a lot of the great content being delivered. Due to FOMO I have been have been reviewing the slide deck which have been shared by the presenters to get a small snippet of them where I can.

It dawned on me as I was doing this that having a bit of a directory to the slide decks and related content might no be a bad idea. So this is a work in progress and will be updated as I gather more information.

Megan V Walker, 

Megan presented her session on the A-Z of Marketing and Branding and has posted on her own blog. If you have not visited here before, please do so now and see all the other super blogs she has posted!!

The A-Z of Marketing & Branding – Megan V. Walker

This post is a written article based on a presentation I delivered at the D365 Saturday Scotland event held in Glasgow on January 26th, 2019. It’s a collection of tips and ideas of mainly out of the box functionality you can use to keep the marketing and branding of your organisation consistent, with both internal…



Jeremy Pike, 

Jeremy presented his session on Microsoft Talent , The packed room where engrossed in the topic.

Dynamics 365 Saturday, Glasgow, 25-26 January 2019

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Sara Lagerquist, 

This is the must see session from the weekend. Speakers and Attendees alike raved about this all day.

Tricia Sinclair, 

Tricia’s session on the other side of Azure DevOps was an amazing session where she Incorporated what had been shown in Ana Demeny’s session to show true integration


Dynamics 365 Saturday, Glasgow, 25-26 January 2019

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Julian Sharp, 

Excellent Session from Julian on Utilising Azure to create a better Dynamics 365 system for users.

Dynamics 365 Community

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Using Power BI to inform and enhance D365 Design blog where she shows us how to stitches together the importance of data and reporting in Power BI

Using Power BI to inform and enhance D365 Design

My entire presentation at the first ever CRM Saturday Scotland was Cross-Stitch themed and I promise, I will explain why. In fact, if I’d had time I would have made analogue slides (which would have been AMAZING right?)


Ben Vollmer,

The Global Dynamics 365 Field Service Director from Microsoft brings his session on “What’s new in Field Service” with the Field Service Roadmap


Dynamics 365 for Field Service Roadmap

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Jonas Rapp,

The Godfather of XRMToolBox builds a tool live and in person



Ryan Maclean,

Ryan’s session on Custom Workflows that can be utilised free in your environment


Postcode Region Mapping via Workflow

I recently delivered a session at Dynamics 365 Saturday Scotland covering some advanced functionality you can implement in your Dynamics 365 environment using free custom workflow activities. To read my thoughts on #D365SatSco and how amazing it was, see the article I posted on LinkedIn One of the scenarios I covered in my session was…



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