D365 Forms – VE vs​ Embedded Canvas App

A lot of people asked me an opinion on using embedded canvas apps instead of virtual entities to show additional information on the form, so I decided to put those things into the blog post.

Both approaches have a bright future and I’m like 100% sure in that because they fit different design scenarios. Let’s discuss the diferences between those two and when to use…

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D365 Forms – VE vs​ Embedded Canvas App

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Author: Ivan Ficko

My name is Ivan Ficko and I’m Microsoft Dynamics CRM developer that has 3 years of experience developing various stuff for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and I’m highly focused on trying new things and pushing the limits on the CRM platform. I’m following the go-do principle in the development and every post on this blog is a product of something that I really missed on the platform and said let’s try to achieve it. Most of the time I’m trying to make front end things to improve CRM’s performance, but everything that will make CRM a better platform will keep my attention. Let’s do some CRM magic guys!

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